Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Heat is On! What's happening this week in quilting.

Today in little ole' Barryton the current temp is 86* F at 5 pm with no rain to be seen. That seems to be the trend for the upcoming week, just to reminds us that Summer is just around the corner.  Time for fans & air conditioners is oh creeping upon us. They say it will be above average in heat this year. OHHHHH Sheesh .......I hope Not!!

So to beat the heat outside I decided to work in my clutter mind of quilting.  LOL.  I started to sew together my 14 scrappy calico & white block for my HT swap.  After having the high winds smash my left hand in the van door, I'm still feeling the effects of the bruising & swelling.  So I am doing simple nine-patch blocks in order to fulfill my obligation. So NOT the block I wanted to do, but you do what you got to do. Here there are in the pile waiting for the sewing machine all pinned together.

Scrappy Calico & White Nine-Patch in the Makings

If you know me in a true sense, you know I LOVE Hand work of any form. Well in my last post I gave ya a sneak peek at my fishing theme table runner with the Green Red work in the center blocks....... last night I finished the 2nd block. 

Green Red work Fish #2
Let's see what else.......oh I was thumbing through my favorite inspiration book while eating lunch .when I came across this Victorian Design that caught my eye.   So I traced it out on to paper.  I think it would be interesting with 4 placed together creating a medallion design, frame it and add some sort of grid design around that.  It's hard to explain it at the moment as it is in the middle of concept drawing at the moment.  but I think it would be interesting to do the flower design in possible 2 colors then branching out to white on white quilting .  Kind of an off shoot my thinking of Whole cloth quilting.  

What you think?  Can You picture it in your mind?  Does it inspire you to go outside your box?  That box doesn't have to be a big box..... maybe it be small box that can hold a small wall hanging.  It's more of a case of opening yourself creatively.  Did you ever just doodle on a piece of paper in school? While on the phone? It's kind of like would be surprise what you find out about yourself when you let go. And there can be a lot of things to let go of.... the rules, worrying about what other people think about it, the thought of losing control the pattern, etc.  So you do want to join me for the journey? It's could be interesting.

My Book of Inspirations by Search Press
My Choice of a Victorian Design

This will be an thread challenge for   myself.... just to see what I could pull it off.  if you haven't figured it out.... I'm not much for following the quilting crowd. I tend to wander off in my own direction, bellowing out the tunes and boogieing my self down the line.   My "Mama" always did say not only did I NOT follow the Drummer ~ I went to a whole 'nother galaxy.  LOL ... I guess she meant that I never had to worry about always conforming to other peoples  ideas.

Well I guess it's time to wrap this up for the week.  There is meatloaf to make for Tomorrow.   But remember if you strive to be different ..... it's not necessarily a bad thing.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please feel free to leave comments or thoughts about this weeks posting.


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