Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day, Eye-Candy,

Well I Hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day yesterday.
I had a nice quiet day.  I spent the day just being kind of lazy did some reading, some green Redwork, plotted out a fish theme tablerunner, watched some TV and  I made Chicken Pasta Priavera for dinner as a special treat for myself.

I received the most beautiful Mini quilt as part of a Mother's Day Swap on my OST yahoo group.  It's titled "T for Tricia".  I think Kathy R. of Florida; did such a wonderful job on it.  It has this pretty blue & gold print that reminds me of a Civil War Fabric.  It will have a special place in my heart & home.

"T For Tricia"
  I have been in the creative mood and been planning some table runners.  I am planning to add a little extra something to each of them.  My hopes would be to make them and add them to my collection of things that I hope to put on  I have been doing research, reading & planning and I think I have found my niche.  Nothing like making & earning a little "Mad Money" for ones self -- that's for sure! LOL.  So would you like to have a sneak peek at the fabrics for my next two tablerunners?

Fish Themed Tablerunner Fabric with a Green Redwork block

Fall Themed Fabrics for a table runner
Well that's where I'm this week.  Hope you liked the sneak peeks.  Let Me know what you think.  I would love to hear from Y'all. 


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