Friday, June 27, 2014

Oh Joy to My World!!

Where in the world has Tricia the Barefoot Quilt been for so long? Stay tune…

So did ya miss me?  Yea!  I have my Windows Live back!  It’s the little things that sometimes makes me happy. This is what I use for blog writing, plus in addition to this; I use Photo Gallery for my photo work.  I was lost without it.  Who would think that the missing programs would be hard to deal with? 

Oh to realize how much my days schedule included the use of my blogging throughout my week had me feeling very off kilter that it was effecting me mentally. 

Now I’m making the transition from just me & the mister to having C. here for the summer break.  We had a long week end .  We got to see the Grand son K. and oldest daughter – Ms. C.

Umma with grandson & son   We are all Family here


And then we had unexpected company the following  weekend in the form of Ms. C & her male friend.  Where we learned some “interesting” news.  If I could  -- I have a raised  an eyebrow at her.  But it is what it is I guess.

On the quilting front… I’ve been busy but not doing much for myself.  I have been taking part in my first Round Robin if you remember. My friend Ms. P. has more pictures here.  It’s amazing to see how these are coming together in each round!  We seem to know each other so well that you can’t tell where one ends to the next one picks up. I recently had Ms.P’s visit me and here it is once I was finished with it.  I am know for my scrappiness and I had to add a bit of me to it {{Wink}}. And the day I finally made my decision to what I was going to do; it was rather warm and may have been influenced by my choice.  LOL.

Pat's RR Medallion

Well see what your environment to lead too?  Scrappy Snowballs!!  Here I am sitting in a rocking chair at the library.  If I remember right it was something like 48 1/2”  squared

I had a quilt group day where it was just me.  So in a madding pace --  I got busy finishing it up so that I could pop it in the mail  once the Post Office opened back up after lunch.  Let me tell ya - it was sooooo hard for me to use green in my section. But I was good.

A friend of mine had gotten me a fat quarter bundle in the Splendor line from Jason Yenter to use. She also helped me expand my blocks with a variety of charms from her stash that play well wit the color scheme.  I think having the solid points was a way to create a border frame without actually cutting the strips that would have been used.  What a beautiful line of fabric. It has a nice mix of prints that works with different scale sizes.

Funny thing happened.  The library board was going to be having a meeting that afternoon.  One of the lady’s came in early to get things around, when she noticed me sitting there as I was sewing on the last side on.  She came over to “ooh & aah”  over the prints in it that she wanted a picture of it once I was done.  The prints kind of jumped out at her and she just finished a quilt when this one inspired her.  Hope you don’t mind Ms. P?

But I do have to say I’m enjoying working on those Round Robin pieces. It has help me come out of my box and push the envelope. 

Remember those Thangles’ I was working on?  Well here is a peek at all 12 blocks in their completed stage.  These were from my friend in Wisconsin… Ms. M. 

Thangles of 2013

Are they trying to tell me something?  Like in a table cloth is where they want to be?   What do you think?  If I do; that I would have to invest in a good piece of see-through vinyl to protect it. I’m sure that is going to cost me a small fortune @ JoAnn’s. 

The background fabric is that creamy crackle print from Moda and was paired up with some tiny calico prints by Kansas Trouble.  The colors are really me with the prints being teeny tiny, it wouldn’t be too “flowery” for the man of the house.They match the oak table very well.  And the brown blocks pick up the darker wall paneling nicely.  I’m not showing the rest of the fabric until I have on and really for quilting.

But it would have to wait it’s turn and it doesn’t look like that is going to happen anytime soon.  I’m currently hand quilting a baby quilt for Ms. P. , the one for Ms. S’s is hanging out waiting for me to get it sandwiched.  Here is a couple of pics for you Ms. P

 I’ve been hard at work on this cross-stitching project that is taking me for ever and it’s on linen. Oy Vey!! What was I thinking?!!  I know that my OCD is sooooo not helping either.  I’m sure that the person I’m doing this for would really like it done sooner than later.

My “ Start the New Year Scrappy” project has the back seat along with many things I had planned to work on.  Why is it when I make a list – I might as well throw it right out the window. LOL.  It did see the light of day for a couple of days.

So it’s not like I’m not doing anything. I did test a pattern for Bea called “Boxes”.  I had it cut, made & tied in about 2 weeks in time the April 1st  requested date (?pretty sure it was April) over there at her website is what mine looks like:


And Ms. D in Canada also tested the pattern. 


This was a easy pattern over all. The hardest part was picking the fabrics.  IF you have this all cut out or have a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door: I image that you could have this all done in a weekend.  It is all straight cuts so it’s beginner friendly.  And would make great gifts or QOV quilts too depending on the colors you pick.

Then I did a set of ten count of 6” Churn Dash swap on my Small Quilts Talk yahoo group.  We had to use muslin for the background and Civil War reproductions.  They come really cute.  I got some nice ones in return. But I need to find them again but I post a pic of those later.

Tricia 003 

Then here are some shots of the baby quilt that is in the hoop with it’s guard kitty hard at work to protect it.  LOL. Don’t worry her sister helped earlier.

Tricia 006    April-Vista Flood of 2014 017

Then of course she insist  on up close supervision as I stitch. Like it’s her job or something.  {Giggle}

Tricia 024

In fast at this moment she is in the middle of the keyboard telling me it is long past time for me to be sitting on the couch with me stitching so she can lay in my lap as I work.

I guess it’s time to go according to the Boss.  So with that, I will say good night until next time. Thanks for stopping by!




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  1. Welcome back to quilty blogging, Ms Tricia ... you have been sew productive!

    My RR is looking scrappy and happy playing with those Michigan snowballs. Nice fabrics. Little Miss Everly's quilt is looking wonderful thanks to you and your kitties vigilant efforts.

    Nice piccies of the family and the quilty goodness. Your table quilt looks lovely. I have never covered a table topper with clear vinyl. I just let them wash and wear into faded glory.

    Looking forward to more quilty stories and photos now that you have your programs back ... :) Pat