Monday, June 23, 2014

Traveling Stash Boxes – Changes Are Coming


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Welcome to the Traveling Stash Boxes update.  First let me start by apologizing for not being here a couple of weeks. Mother Nature and Family Matters took things out of my hands.  But I’m here for the moment & we are crossing fingers and toes with the hope things has slowed down a bit.

Second I need to remind everyone that when a TSB comes to visit, please be sure your fabrics are neat & clean. We try to strive for our TSB’s be allergen free for our players that be have sensitivities to things like smoke, and pet dander.

Next on the subject is the contents of the boxes.  I had an almost even count on the feedback question a couple weeks ago.  What I think we need to do is to give them a vacation for the boxes starting in Mid-July until Sept. after the Labor Day Weekend.

Now before anyone gets up in arms, allow me to explain why. I want to revamp the boxes and give them a fresh start like when we send our children back to school already for the new year.  The plan includes more boxes in to circulation so that players will be excited and have more selections to try for including Themed boxes like we have had in the past.  For example the “Leap Year Box”. 

I’m open to suggestion for the themed boxes.  I was thinking along the lines of the following:

  1. Civil War Repro’s
  2. Kid’s “I SPY” fabrics
  3. The Four Seasons – Change with the Seasonal Calendar
  4. A Landscape Box
  5. Read Me Like A Solid
  6. 30’s Revisited
  7. Moderns
  8. Crazy Me This – Crazy Quilts
  9. Here Kitty Kitty… Cat themed
  10. Winter Holidays are Coming
  11. Warm Me Tender- The Flannels
  12. The Babies are Coming!
  13. The Orphan Train – Orphan Blocks Find New Homes

Well you get the idea. IF there are any themes that you would like to see please feel free to let me know.  If you would like to start a themed box to be put into the rotation when we start back up; please tell what theme you would like and we can work out the details.  The nice thing about this is when we are out and about in our world of fabric shopping we could be making selections as they come up on sale or clearance. I see many on-line and brick & mortar stores closing.  We are sorry to see them go but for the opportunity to buy quantity for super prices could be a good thing.  If have something in your stash that would fit a specific theme that you might want to donate as you clean out/ thinning your stashes you can contact me on the subject too.  The point is that I really really want to build the excitement back on these great boxes like before.  Maybe knowing a theme of a box will incite a frenzy of comments if you know the is a box out there with exactly what you are looking for.

Guess it’s time for the up date.

Box #2  is visiting Lisa @ In the Boondocks. Lisa will have a drawing for the this box soon after she chooses a winner for Box #3.

Box #3 Lisa is drawing a winner on June 25th over here at In the Boondocks where you can find her post for the details.

Box #4 Is still visiting Jeifner at but I have had contact with her and she will be posting soon.

Box #5 Was winging it’s way to Elli  where she writes of finding inspiration today over at I’m sure that we will be inspired by her posting on the TSB soon.

Box #6 Is visiting Cheryl over at news to be posted soon.


So don’t forget to go see Lisa at In the Boondocks for the chance to win a visit from Box #3.  She is drawing her winner on the 25th and is ready to ship on the 26th!!

Comments on the many thoughts and subjects pertaining to this posting is really encouraged in the fate of the TSB’s. But at this time… they are heading for their vacation in the middle of July. 

Until next time!

Tricia – TSB Mod.


  1. I think a batik box could be fun

    1. Katie I agree with you. Let's see if we can make that happen. Thanks for the box of fabrics you donated for a new box.


  2. Love the idea of Modern box!

    1. Lisa... I'm learning what exact is considered to "Modern" as it's not my normal realm of fabrics. Would love it if you want to start one of those with the TSB starting.