Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TSB’s Are On The Road Again.


Traveling Stash Box Updates

The title for the posting has me thinking of that Willie Nelson song which is now stuck in my head…lol.  What a way to start the day. 

I did ask the question about the boxes taking a summer break.  I got 3 responses that has me waffling on the subject.  I’m going to be watching the box blogs this week since they are in transition.  What I’ll be looking for is the number of responses that each box will get for their drawings.  This will be the deciding factor.  I have noticed that we seem to have a small number of the same people winning the boxes.

But here is where the boxes are heading as of right now.  There are NO known drawing dates at this moment.

#2 -  Crystoll drew her winner on the 6th and it was on it’s way to Lisa over at http://intheboondocks.blogspot.com/ 

#3 - Was Me and this one is also heading to Lisa @ http://intheboondocks.blogspot.com/.

#4 - I was able to make contact with Jeifner from her blog over at  http://secondhanddinosaur.blogspot.com/.  Jeifner has had some personal issues come up but has assured me that we will see something soon on her blog.

#5 – Is at Elli’s @ http://lovelliquilts.wordpress.com/ for a visit. 

#6 -  Mary of http://bostonmaryquiltz.blogspot.com/ mailed her box onto Cheryl of http://texasquiltinggal.blogspot.com/ and it has arrived nice & safe. 

As soon as the information hits my e-mail box I will update the drawing dates.  So once I know , you’ll know.

Well it is going to be a super busy week so I’m off to get started on the very long list that I have to do before the weekend.



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  1. Howdy, Ms Tricia! I am just popping in to say good morning.

    I was almost tempted by the box that had some modern fabrics tucked in, but I took my name out of the hat. At the time I realized that with my grandbaby being born I was too busy to think about hosting a TSB. Maybe in the future I will be tempted again.

    Have you ever thought of "themed" boxes? I think I would be more likely to sign up for one if it was filled with goodies that are catching my current fabric fancy. I do, of course, love all fabric but sometimes it might be nice to go stash shopping in a box that was what I might need at the moment ... like "Christmas All Year Round" ... or "Back to the 30's Vintage" ... or "Thoroughly Modern Quilty" ... or "Americana" ... or just something as simple as "Dots and Stripes" ... or 'Basic Blenders" ... just a thought that has crossed my mind as I am typing ... may you have a good day, my friend ... :) Pat