Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's All About the Birds

Welcome Y'all!

So here we are again and I have a fresh pot of coffee on for us. Now we can gather around the table,we can exchange "information" (yeah let's call it that - lol) and admire today's postings here on "Tree Bird" blog hop list. 

There is so much talent that I must sound like a broken record as the old saying use to be. I'm amazed to see such the variety of projects shown so far and we still have 3 more days to be tempted with.

I have been hard at work and I can't  wait to show it off come Friday!! 

As you may have notice that I have been leaving little bread crumbs out so that you can follow them along as we play? 

Like a little trail like in "Hansel & Gretal".  

What do you think you will find at the end - I'm sure it's not some old black kettle?  

Follow the path to see what sweets will greet you.  

So here is another sneak peek for you without much adieu.

Now come Thursday, these talented ladies will be waiting for you with some sweet tweets for you.  

Thursday, March 19
Please be kind and give them a peek and maybe a comment or two about what you seek.  Until then ...


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