Friday, March 20, 2015

Oh My Sweet Tweets!!

Well my fine feathered hunting friends ...

Your sneak peeks have lead you here to this moment in time, where is now time for my turn to open the curtains on my own creations.  Let me start by saying “Thank You” to Madam Samm for bring us to another wonderful blog hop and Lana for taking the reins to keep us all track & shaking her pom-pom’s to cheer us on!! Well done Ladies. Well done indeed!!
Now you might wonder how I became part of this blog hop.  Well allow me to tell you a  tale of the journey of how my little flock came to be.
I had seen the announcement around in blog land I read past it without much of a mind.  For you see I had made a much bigger commitment this year to work on my own projects and would not get carried away by overextending myself that MY projects & UFO's would take precedent. Then a friend or two asked me if I was going to play.  "No" I replied, shaking my head "maybe later in the year."

I told myself "Self - you really don't have time to commit to a blog hop right now.  You have WAYYYYY too much to do right now and you don't have any of the featured fabrics so this should be a no brainer!  RIGHT??" 
To which I immediately went into my "But everyone else is playing in it" mode like a mental temper tantrum of a two year old.  
And of course my self started in with the whole "If your friends & bridges" spill. I mentally rolled my eyes, hang my head, crossed my arms, stomped my foot and said "Fine!! I hate you & you're not fun any more!" 
By now I know that you are laughing at me for arguing with myself and the visual picture that it brings to mind know the one I'm talking about. The one where that cranky little red-headed two year old that you probably seen out in public at some point in your life having a very public melt down.  

Not that I ever did that in real life ... us kids had the "fear of Mother" instilled in us at a very young age. 
But I've digressed ...
Having received my birdie bounty via Ms. Donna, I'm at home banishing the bag to the bedroom where it waits.  I dash off a note to Madam Samm all the while hoping I would hear... 
"I'm sorry dear but you missed the sign-up deadline" but of course Fate steps in and I was on the list & should contact Lana post haste.  My mental toddler sticks out her tongue & "nanner nanner" rolls off her pert little tongue. 
I ask by a chance is there a way that I might be added to the end of date list as I have to quickly come up with a plan fast since all the others are weeks ahead of me.  Oh our gracious cheerleader - Lana understood and would try.
Now remember the bag that was banished? Well every time I would go in the room it would whisper to me.  
"Come play with us" they would tweet.
"No - I've no ideas on what and how to use you yet. You must wait." I harshly replied.
They continued to coo and tweet.  But then I was starting to hear a ticking sound any time I was near the room.  It was getting louder and louder like something out of an Edgar Poe story.  The cats would stare and paw at the door.  Yowling and howling all the more, while the ticking got louder and louder.
"Enough!!" I exclaimed as I grabbed up the bag.  I pull them all out. The ones from the store and some from the unit they was stored.  I resigned to my Fate and on to the table the contents went.  With my hands on my ample hips, I squint, I poke and prod, I chew my lips making the most dreadful of faces.  The mind was so ... blank!!  

The orphans have been set free to the light of day ...
"Hurray" they claimed and then no sound to be heard from them.
"Well now - you wanted out with all that racket you was making!  Now what have you to say for yourselves??" I gave with a peevish retort. "Speak up!!"
Nothing! Nada! Nilch!! I drop my head and throw up my hands.  "Fine then back in the bag with you."
One of my orphans tentatively says. "I was almost done but then you decided this wasn't the block you wanted for the swap. Maybe if you change the flowers, I'll be much better." 
"Hummm ... You might be right." I say as I cocked my head to the side.  

And with that and a seam ripper in hand, we proceed.  Two evenings I stitched by hand these new little flowers. The next morning we sit at the machine. By night's end it is complete.
  New patterns, mailings & POM 049 (2)    New patterns, mailings & POM 049 (3)

This orphan came about in a lottery block using a chosen focus fabric of a basket print.  I had originally used a pale yellow floss that didn’t stand up to the darkly tea-dyed muslin that I made for the background. Which is why it ended up in the orphan box.  I change the color to white and this is how it ended.  The stitchery patterns came out of a book called "Quilting Patterns From Native American Designs” by Dr. Joyce Mori.  It is said that the bird is to be a Southwest pottery design and the flower is also from a Southwest area.
Okay now I have one finished project and still some bits that I could turn it into some sort of bird themed components.  What else could I whip together?  I looked down to my cross-stitch table next to my chair and I eyeball my little ornament that I just finished.  It has a pair of baby cardinals on that.  SWEET!! 

Another finished bird item. Two down – out of ?  They are just too cute not to add them. This is my first cross-stitch finish for the year.
Tricia's tree blog entry & such 010

Now we’re getting some place.  Now for the owls.  This was the fabric from Jo-Ann's.  They took the longest to come up with a plan.  Since I decided to take part in this hop, I thought I might as well try out some new techniques.  

I start scrap digging pulling out a handful of strips. They are different widths & lengths.  Okay I haven’t made anything wonky or log cabin-ish.  The owl is fussy cut into a rectangle and I start adding and building what was to just be a little mug rug.  What happened? This …
New patterns, mailings & POM 050

Cool another to add to the completed pile!! Yeah…let’s do the Happy Dance.  When I was with Ms. D we picked up a cool product that is just prefect for this hop. It’s Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins “Backyard Birds: 12 quilt block to Appliqué from Piece O’ Cake designs.  It was on sale for 40% off with coupons.
Back yard birds

I looked thru it had the Mister pick out one of designs that he liked.   He picked out the nuthatcher since we have them in the yard all the time.  So I had traced him out the week before I started the mad panic.  Cut it all out, made a few fabric changes along the and decided to try my hand at thread painting.  It is the first time trying this out, so mark another technique attempted.  This is what I ended up with…
Tricia's tree blog entry & such 003
Tricia's tree blog entry & such 004     Tricia's tree blog entry & such 007

I just finished this at 11:30pm right before sitting down to right this blog posting.  Nothing like going to the last possible minute with things.  LOL.
So what’s another technique to try?  Thinking hard, I’m thinking…as I ponder I’m looking at my sewing machine.  It has some different stitching that it does.  What if I try out some of those. 

Okay here we go.  I bought a orphan block from the Mt. Pleasant Sewing Center & Quilt shop for 50 cents.  It’s a dove like bird in a light blue-gray color on a swirly WoC that I believe the owner did.  I have the name some place that is eluding me @ this very second.  I’ll will look for later and give you the info that I have. Along with the “before” I have a picture some where. 

Anyhow I lifted the bird off the background and added a tie-dyed peace sign. From there I try to make it appear to be fly through the symbol.  I used one button to machine appliqué the pieces back down to the background.  When I quilted it, I used the meander stitch over and over heavily inside the sign.  On the outside I again used the meandering but leaving as is.  I made the binding from the same fabric as the peace sign and attached it with the same meandering to finish the project off.

Tricia's tree blog entry & such 003      Tricia's tree blog entry & such 002

Now I did received the birds in the tree from my oh so generous friend Pat from Lifeinthescrapatch, and I’m starting to put that special design that I will be sharing that with you as I go long. So “Thank You Ms. Pat!! <3

Well that you got through all that, I’m doing a give-away as a reward.  What will it be?  What dears is a surprise. By answering this questions:
Where do you go to bird watch?  What is the most unexpected bird did you see?
Easy-peasy right?
Once you leave a comment be sure to stop by the other ladies that are sharing their bird creations with everyone today.  I will have a random drawing on Tuesday the 28th.  Please be sure I can contact you if you win. It's open to everyone and really who doesn't love surprises!
Friday, March 20
Ramblings of a Quilter  (Here I am!!)
Well now it’s time for this birdie to go visit her nest for the night. So thanks for stopping by, good luck in the drawing and until next time.


  1. Tricia,
    You were a busy lady. They are all wonderful. Love the quilting details on the dove in the peace sign. Very nice work. I always like to look at the birds that visit our front porch.

  2. WOW, You've done plenty of Tree Birds. Your nuthatch is sweet. And congratulations on finishing your first Counted Cross Stitch for 2015! you are on a roll. Well Done.

    As for watching birds, I watch them hiking, kayaking or in the backyard, essentially everywhere. The most unusual was a Heron while Hiking, a King Fisher while kayaking and an Oriole when I was on my deck in the backyard. I live near the Canadian border in New York State so that last one was indeed a rarity!

  3. What a great story you tell and wonderful projects to go with it. We watch the birds on the driveway round here as they fly quickly away before the dog spots them!

  4. You had me laughing at your story, it sounds so like me! Your projects are wonderful. I have bird feeders all over, but enjoy watching the ones outside my dining room. The Rufus hummingbirds are my favorite when they migrate and stop by for a sip of nectar. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Lovely projects! I bird watch from my office window at work, looking out over a bay The birds are moving in now for spring. Some years there are swans staying around here, and the most relaxing sight for sore eyes is watching them cruise around. Who could have a better view?

  6. Great projects. I usually just look out my window at the feeders, all kinds of birds visit. I can take a walk to the woods or the best was last year I went to Tuscon to see Humming Birds. That was fabulous.

  7. lol I love your post and your projects are all so sweet!

  8. Wonderful projects all. Love your thread painting. I sit in my kitchen and watch little birds fly by or I head to the closest lake and watch the big birds.

  9. very the bird with the cat tail. I live by a marsh, so I see lots of birds, but no red cardinals that I would love to have. but I like watching th lovely little cedar wax wings

  10. I enjoyed your post and your projects are beautiful!

  11. Your birdy projects are all so much fun! Aren't you glad you played ? Great job!

  12. LOL I love your story of how you came through the process. LOL I am always arguing with myself and yes having tantrums in my mind. what fun would it be to not have a tantrum so I can fix what ever it is that is causing it? LOL I have bird feeders in my back yard, so I can see them when I am reading or sewing in our hobby room. I also see them a lot at my parents home. they have twice as many feeders as I do. Mom is where I got my love of birds. Anyway, last month we saw at my parents, a huge Blue Jay. wow was he gorgeous. out a little early. and I have spotted three different kinds of woodpeckers in my yard this year. we have only had one kind before. so wonderful.

  13. I'm so glad that you convinced yourself to participate as Ioved seeing your wonderful bird projects. The dove in the peace sign is terrific, but I love the Piece o Cake bird. Wow....great job. Now you can get back to your other projects!! lol

  14. First of all, I had basically the same dialog going on in my head.... and then I caved in and joined the hop. I've really cut down on hops, but every now and then I jump back in. And secondly...and most important... so glad you joined so we could enjoy your birdie projects. Great job!

  15. I'm glad you convinced yourself to join in with this blog the sweet birdie projects you created! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Love your nuthatcher. You are so brave to try thread painting. You did great! I haven't dared try that yet. and I LOVEn a good surprise!

  17. Love your train of thought. I frequently have an argument in my head! LOL!! What fun projects you have done. I think that Piece O Cake book is going to be have to be one that I get soon!

  18. Glad you joined and stitched some pretties.
    I watch birds in my back yard. We had a hawk hanging around, he was beautiful. But when I saw him eat one of our little birds, ugh.

  19. Glad you joined and stitched some pretties.
    I watch birds in my back yard. We had a hawk hanging around, he was beautiful. But when I saw him eat one of our little birds, ugh.

  20. Too funny! And adorable projects too! blessings, marlene

  21. Busy, busy...and your story still has me chuckling. I bird-watch out my back windows over a lake and am surprised by eagles and pelicans.

  22. Lovely work. The nuthatch is one of my favorites, so I especially liked that one. We live in the woods, so we have several feeders up and enjoy watching birds all year round. We occasionally see a pileated woodpecker--that is the giant one like Woody Woodpecker. It is always a joy to see him at our feeder.

  23. All your projects are so pretty. But the nuthatch one is my favorite! I don't really set out to birdwatch... it's been such a cold winter here. But I've really enjoyed the juncos that have come to our feeders all winter and livened up the cold, gloomy days. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  24. First of all...I love your rambling style and read every word! Fabulous Tree Bird projects. Do I detect you still have a bag of Tree Bird fabric awaiting? I bird watch from my upstairs bedroom window and to my great surprise there was a beautiful Blue Heron standing at my pond's edge. I watched until he flew away...majestic! Thank you sew very much for Tree Bird Hopping and participating. Creative Bird Bliss...

  25. We do a lot of traveling because our family is so spread out, and we take our bird books with us so that we can identify the birds we see. T his summer we will be driving to CA and will be visiting several National parks, forest, and monuments along the way. Nancy A:

  26. Wow! I love all of your projects. The cardinals cross-stitch may be my favorite, but it runs close to a tie with the dove. Beautiful work!

    I had to laugh as I read your inner-battle to join or not to join. I made the same resolution this year. It only took me 21 days to break my resolve. A friend asked me to join a crazy quilting round robin and I explained why I could not. She said please, and I gave in (she does amazing work, how could I say no to having her create a block for me?!) ;)

    My favorite place to watch birds is out of my back window. The most surprising sight was viewed from our front office windows, shortly after moving into our home. A mother quail walked across our front porch, followed by a single file line of 3 baby quail. I wish I had a camera with me at the time because it was such a delightful sight!

  27. I enjoyed your story. I am glad you joined in. Your project is beautiful. Your stitching is perfectly done. I watch birds from our living room window. We have a large pond and I have two feeders. We get all kinds of birds. I think the strangest, well he wasn't strange, but neat and first time I seen so close up was a large owl. We have a dust to dawn light near our pond. He came around 11pm and sat on our porch roof. His wing hung down and we could see underneath. Then he flew (which was loudly done) to sitting on top of out Martin house. I got my binoculars out and got a good look. He was actually picking birds our oh the house. I didn't care for that but he was beautiful to see up close.

  28. Fabulous blog this your narration....your projects are inspiring....

    I watch the birds out my kitchen window, I back on a well wooded lot, very abundant with feathery

    My surprise bird was a bright yellow meadowlark......just brilliant and

    hugs and stitches

    Debbieann in Canada

  29. You were a busy little bee. My favorite is the peace dove. I bird watch in my backyard. Every summer we have egrets that perch on the trees by the creek. One night I counted 24 of them. Really beautiful birds.

  30. Great story and wonderful creations !

  31. All of your projects are sweet, I mean 'tweet' thank you for sharing them today.

  32. I watch birds from my front porch. The funniest thing I ever saw was a bluejay who slid on the ice, he sat right down on it. I saw an indigo bunting once in the front of my house- don't usually see them in my neck of the woods.
    A few years ago in winter, we had hundreds of bluebirds fly to some large bushes in our backyard. They just sat there and flew back and forth from bush to bush. We don't usually have bluebirds as they like open spaces. Love to watch them.
    Love your bird projects especially the cross stitch ones. Good job!

  33. i bird watch out my living room window. A platform bird feeder & suet blocks can be seen there. Lots of birds have come & gone but the most impressive was the pileated woodpecker (they are BIG!) hung on the suet feeder one afternoon for a snack.

  34. Sent here from Connie at Freemotion By the River....I have a nature preserve just beyond my backyard and there are many creatures that come by. Last week I saw an eagle which was the first I'd seen there! I am always tickled to see a cardinal because it reminds me of my mom who loved them.

  35. What unique designs. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Where we live in Northwestern Ontario, in the heart of the Boreal Forest, there are birds aplenty... We need only to look out our window! The funniest story I must share is the time my husband and I were golfing and he was ahead of me on an incline telling me to look at the birds ahead of him. I mumbled to myself about him making a big deal about some little ol birds that I probably couldn't see anyways because they were so tiny... When suddenly three huge prehistoric looking birds flew over me and that was the first time that I had ever seen Sandhills Cranes!!! I still laugh about this story!!!

  37. I bird watch from inside my house. My husband has set up security cameras so we can see who comes to our feeders. We get downy and hairy woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, blue jay, mourning doves, goldfinches, titmice and some sparrows. also plenty of squirrels and chipmunks when it is warm. We also see hummingbirds, phoebe, grouse, turkeys, wood ducks, scarlet tanagers, crows, bald eagles and barred owls near our house at other times of the year.
    The most unusual bird sightings would have been when we lived in FL and involves Cooper hawks. They nested in our neighbors oak tree. One day it was raining and the mama hawk was sitting in our bird bath soaking wet. she barely made it up to the tree she was so wet and heavy. Another time we watched a young hawk, circling a tree chasing a squirrel. The hawk was not successful. I think the squirrel was laughing as hard as we were as it ran around and around the tree until finally escaping up into the branches.

  38. We have a bird haven here where we live. Hubbys grandmother planted maple trees all around their house years ago and when we tore down the old house and built ours, we kept the trees. The birds love it here.

  39. It's wonderful to see all your projects and hear about all the 'new' techniques you tried. I'm especially fond of the nutcatcher quilt. Your thread painting is lovely.

  40. thanks for sharing all your lovely projects

  41. Great projects! I usually bird watch at state parks, but the most unexpected bird I saw was a Kingfisher on the power line on a busy highway. It was fishing for something in an over flowed ditch. I followed it from pole to pole trying to get a good picture of it before he few off into the trees.

  42. Love all your birdie projects, thanks for sharing.

  43. I am a little late but what a great way to start the week. I am still chuckling over the red-headed two year old. I think it visits my house occasionally. LOL Lots of lovely original projects. Thanks so much for sharing.

  44. So fun reading your post! Reminds me very much of... myself!!! You've made so many great things and I love it how no technique stops you!
    I watch birds on the fig tree in the garden. There are so many but my favourite is the red Woodpecker I spotted at the bottom of the garden!