Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Finish In Fabric

A new month has begun and I can actually say that I have a finished project in January. YEAH BABY!!!  Doing the Happy Dance here.  I was cutting it close – real close as in 11:30 pm on Jan. 31st –close.  But I finished  “Dragonflies’ Dance”  lock, stock & barrel.  This is Ms. D’s Auntie Quilt from over on Q& 

 Deb's Drag' Dance

                                                                 Finished -- Jan. 31 @ home

I started stenciling the dragonflies’ sometime in Sept., then moved on to hand quilting it in my 27” floor hoop in October , to placing the last stitch on Jan. 31st.  This quilt is a bit larger than a lap quilt, but not quite a twin @ 59 1/2” X 60 1/2” .  I have to say I’m right proud of this accomplishment.  Even though we added an extra border, then there was the holidays when I took the time out for family, the addition of major stress & turmoil with in my house hold,  the month & 1/2 of manic swap sewing, and then the normal day-to-day life things: I was able to finish hand quilting this wonderful quilt in about 4 months.  Whew!  That is making me jittery just thinking about it!

  Blue Border   DSCN3778   Debbieann's Baby in the Hoop

          Sept. @ Library                               Oct. @ Library                                 Nov. @ Home

Thank Goodness for really cold snowy days and to living on the private road that is a solid sheet of ice.  I mean what would any “normal” quilter do under these circumstances?   Well in this case, I had no choice; but to find a project in which I was able curl up with.   In this picture you can see some sunlight that managed to peek out in between snowstorms. 

 Snowdays #1- Deb's Drag'

                                             At Home With Cold Snow Days of Jan. 2014

I was bundled up pretty good in that picture.  The wind-chills was keeping our temps. down to –25*F at times. We felt the need to add layers, pull out the thick wool socks, use that fireplace that is peeking out behind me, cover up with a lap quilt and still have the need to add that lap project for the warmth.  We even had to turn up the heat up, downside that meant more propane is being used.   The cats went into a semi-hibernation mode themselves.

I find myself deciding on which project  I’m going to pick up next.  When I had to pack up the sewing items again, I did make it a point to hold back some UFO’s to work on.  This is the time I have decided to work on finishing “Autumn Trails”.   You might remember when I started it back in the fall.  I think it’s time for it to come out and be playing with. 

Autumn's Trials leaf                                                                            “Autumn Trails”

Again this is another one of those hand quilted items.  Just before putting it away I had did a randomly tossed & scattered effect with the leaf stencil.  All that’s left is the 3 B’s … bat, back & bind before heading to the hand hoop.  This is my UFO goal for the month of February as I start machine piecing the Merry Mayhem Mystery from New Year’s Eve.  I’m not even looking at the “Super Bowl Mystery” as I have enough to do without the temptations of another one …Thank You Very Much!!

Next I want to say Thank You to all of you who stopped in during Vickie’s “Grow You Blog” .  I understand that there was close to 600  blogs on that list.  I’m am so slowly going through the list myself since I was tied up with “Dragonflies’ Dance”.  It was very nice of Vickie to put this all together for us for the second year in a row.  What a large undertaken must have been.  I will be responding to all the comments left when I find some additional time so please be patient with me.  I also want to remind you that I’m having a giveaway drawing on the 15th for some of those gift bags that I did the tutorial on here

Well my darlings, the urge to get busy is at hand so I must dash off.  Time for a bit of Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks  tossed with some Sara Evans, Garth Brooks, The Supremes and Secret Garden to brighten up the day.   Until next time…





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  1. you really did quilt that fast! It looks fantastic too. I'm still making my way through the list too, hence my visit here today!