Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sew Un-sew Sew Snow

Well I think the title says it all this week.  It’s been one of those type weeks that it makes you scratch your head and wonder if it was worth getting out of bed for. 

Last week I sewn all my smaller squares together to make the HST’s that I needed for the Merry Mayhem mystery aka the Anvil blocks, when I ran into a major snag and had to un-sew all the blocks which incidentally came out to be 70 of those little buggers.  What a PITA!!   Come this past Wednesday I managed to un-stitch the last group while at quilt group.  Yeah!!   So now I have gotten most of these are all re-chained and they are waiting to be clipped & trimmed.   But I do have two of the Anvils pieced up.  This particular piece is my first “Start the New Year Scrappy” project.  Once I get to the point of quilting I’m going to tie it.  I just have to have it completed by 12/31/14.  So I’m still okay with the timeline on this one.  LOL.

anvil block

Friday I spent the day cutting out my Gift-A-Month project.  This is a wonderful scrappy project called “Pop Stars” .  This table runner  pattern is free from  Nice thing about this pattern is it offers the instructions on 3 different size runners and one table topper; so that you can make it to meet your particular  needs. 

Since I’m using what is on hand, I’ll be using some WoW fabric as the background.  I pulled out my stash of 2.5” squares.  The colors are sure to jump out at ya once this comes together.  I have to say that it is interesting to look at while I’m piecing it.  So far I have pairs sewn together and the flying geese done.

Also this week I decided to design a bag for a friend as a special  gift.  This will be an OOAK, so there was a lot of figuring it out as I go.  I could visualize what I wanted but at times it also meant that I was once again un-stitching in order to get it right as my steps were slightly jumbled up in my head.  I don’t even have a sketch of it any where about me.  LOL -Yes I’m completely winging it.  I have to claim that I’m right pleased with it too. It may have taking me a bit of time since there isn’t a raw to be seen anywhere on this puppy.  I did all kinds of flips, folds or what ever it took to accomplish such a feats.  Seams are either 2or 3deep and seams that I thought would be stressed more (i.e. handles attachment to the bag) was sewn, backstitched & sewn again for strength.  There are a variety size pockets on the outside to stash things and the handles are extra long so as to  be able to carry with tall items inside the main pocket. 

In the evenings I spend time doing something by hand while someone else controls the remote.  This could mean hand work in some form albeit hand quilting, crocheting, cross stitch, cutting… what ever catches my fancy or a change in pace.  I started the brass name bookmarker on Jan. 31st. This was a gift from Ms.D two years ago and somehow it was shifted out of site.  Any ways this is made by Bucilla and is the violet monogram.  It’s neat to see with the tri-lingual directions.  I have gotten down to the last 2 1/2 rows on the bottom.  So tonight I will finish and then I’ll start the orange accent lines.  


Or I could pick up my hand quilting on “Autumn’s Trail”.  I have started the quilting in the center. 


Can you see it?  Really it’s got some done.  Actually the right leaf is done & about 2/3rds is done on the left one.  Still can’t see it … well I guess I could turn it over for ya.


Is that better?  LOL.  Yes …. it’s those tiny stitches yet again.  Did you really except those 1/4” stitches?  They look sooooo big to me.  Like grand canyon stitches!!!  {{shrugs}}  It’s challenge for me to purposely make large stitches.  Maybe some day I’ll get there but until then I guess I’ll keep doing those 10 spi on average.

Remember the pictures of the snow from last week, well in less than 24 hours we got around 12” of new snow.  We went from seeing robins in the neighbors apple tree to see the cardinals across the river. 

Robin on Ground   ground after snow

Robin w/apple … note the loops of fence                                 Same loops on fence                   


This next pictures shows Ms. Honey sitting in the window.  Now keep in mind that is the picnic table in the background – which was down to an inch or two the day before.

DSCN4142  DSCN4141

Is the snow a bit deep around here?  Well you tell me…

DSCN4151DSCN4149 DSCN4154

Here are some pictures from the front of the house.  That second picture shows the snow is butt deep on a 5’3”  me.   Even the cats have an opinion.  It appears to have caused a disturbance at “Red neck Kitty Condo”. 

DSCN4161  DSCN4159

It appears to have caused a disturbance at the “Red neck Kitty Condo”.  The debate was getting a little rowdy.

DSCN4027   DSCN4028

DSCN4029   DSCN4030

And then Nosy takes up of cuddle time with Mr. S while he is at his ‘puter.


I do some house cleaning for a neighbor who works at Wolverine boots and she has her furry baby –Kasey.  He likes to talk to me when I come in.   I just happen to have the camera with me one day.  DSCN4067

Kasey tells all

For dinner tonight I made a new recipe out of my new cookbook that I talked about here.  I even got Mr. S to eat it.  Shocker!!!  I made this:



Now why would this be such a shocker you might ask?  Well you see Mr. S only eat rice when it is white covered in butter, sugar & cinnamon.  That is it. To him there is no other way to eat it. Wait for it… I even got some feedback from him.  “More Lemon sauce next time Please.”   Well shut my mouth & call me Lemons!!!! {{completely stunned into silence for a few minutes}} WOW!!

As I was writing this post up, I have been informed that I have won a “Traveling Stash” box so for my American followers … here’s a hint…. watch for more on that in near future. 

I have another book finished this weekend so that review will be coming soon too.  Now that is all said & done… I have gingerbread calling my name.  Until next time…


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  1. Howdy, Ms Tricia. Thought I would stop by and see what's sticthin' and I am happy that I did. Thanks for turning over those maple leaves so I could see the teeny tiny little stitches. The lemon chicken does look very tasty. The kitties look as cute as ever, especially the one curled up on the arm. Have fun with the travelling stash box ... :) Pat