Sunday, February 16, 2014

The GYB Winner, ThreadHead & More

Before I go to my list and Mr. Random # Generator ,  I want to Thank all of you who came calling during the GYB party.  I especially would like to say a big “Thank You” to Vicki over at for all the hard work it took to bring us almost 600 blogs to visit.  I am still working my way through the list as I’m sure many you are too.  So I had 25 comments left before the drawing  so I wrote them out of a sheet of paper giving each of you a number.  I used Mr. #’s to select one lucky winner  and here we go!!!   And the winner is…..

DSCN4110 DSCN4111 DSCN4113

From Newfoundland, Canada --

Judy Cooper of Judy Cooper Textile Images!!!!

Congratulations Judy…. be on the look out for an e-mail so that I can get your snail mail to send these lovely bags out to you. 

Now to the quilty news of the week.  When you are in your quilty groove everything but you & machine survive the tunnel vision.  Thie world falls away and strange things have been know to happen without your knowledge.  Case in point, I was in my groove when the slight movement sort of was seen out of the corner of my eye.  I thought nothing of it.  Until later in the evening… when these are found on the camera…. I present “Hang on by a Thread Merry Mayhem Style”.  Why is it he always catches me on bad hair days?  LOL.

Threadheads  (1)   Threadheads  (3)

I have been working on the Merry Mayhem Mystery for several days.  I was clipping along in the chain stitch process in a fair pace when after it was all said and done I hit a snag.  The smaller HST’s needed was all 1/8” short on one side!  NOOOOOOO!!!! Crap!!  Now I’m spending way too much time un-sewing the 70 seams that are done before I can re-sew them.  I’m soooo mad at myself at the moment and it has killed my my time table for the rest of the month. 


So today I threw a turkey in the oven for supper since I’m determined to getting all these blocks unstitched & re-stitched so that I can try to salvage some of my goals this month.  The house smells yummy from the oven and I’m just going to do some smashed potatoes with gravy and for me – some cranberry sauce.  Who says that turkey is only for the Holidays?  Not in my house!!  We even have a system of sorts when it comes right down to it.  Mr. S prefers the breast meat where I snarf on the dark meat first before moving the to white meat.  After a few days Mr. S will have eaten all that he cares to and the leftovers are all mine!!! Yeah! I love turning it into my Turkey Curry Wardorf  salad. 

Good thing is that I did find the solid fabric for the “Pop Stars”  Table runner  for this months “Gift-A-Month” challenge along with some scrap batting that is just right.  And since I have been trying to “tame” my scraps into useable pieces I’m a little bit ahead of the game so to speak.  I think I’ll move “Penny Candy” off to next month and for the brass bookmarker, Ill be happy to get that background color done by month’s end.  With a little rearranging, I still might make some of my goals this month. 

So far according to the Feb. Goals list… I have done the 3 B’s on “Autumn’s Trails” and have been doing some of the hand quilting in the center section so far.  Then for my “read”challenge I have read one more book and I’m half way 2 more.  So I’m okay on that side of things.

With winter being never-ending it seems, I had to take photos through the back sliding door.  When I discovered the ducks was visiting,  I grabbed my Minolta QTsi Maxxum that was sitting on the buffet behind me and in a minutes I went through 3 rolls of 35mm film with my 70/300 lens.  Call my old school but to me is nothing more  I love to do then to pick up my camera and burn some film.  I’m one that would rather be on the back side of the camera instead of the front.  I have a plan for these once I get the film developed.  But for faster pictures to share on the spot … I have to grab the Nikon Coolpix L22 Digital.  Those photos are the ones that you my readers get to see more of.  So here are today’s photo choices.

DSCN4114                                                       The Girls after a hard morning of chase!!

DSCN4117   DSCN4118 DSCN4124

                                                  We aren’t sure what kind these ones are …Yet.

DSCN4125  DSCN4126  DSCN4127 

  Just Some Snow Shots

It’s pretty to interesting to see what is going on around us even in the colder weather.  In fact, yesterday I have seen a pair or two of robins up in the neighbors apple tree just outside the dining room window.  I look forward to the days when the hummingbirds will be back at the feeders again.  I love watching them all the time. 

Well it’s around 3:30 EST and that turkey is wanting some attention.  So with that I want to say thank you once again stopping in & poking about.   Of course we all know I love comments. Mid–week ,  I’ll have a couple reviews up for Book Worm Wednesday and maybe I’ll be able to show you some progress pictures on my projects at hand.  Until then…..


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  1. The girls look very /now the turkey dinner has me very hungry......I hope to have some of my Feb table runner partially stitched by the weekend.

    Snow pics awesome.

    hugs and stitches